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Title MSPA Establishes Communications Site for MSPA-Certified Shoppers
Date Published 06/26/2010
Author MSPA Staff
Publication MSPA Website

MSPA has established a new online presence, named the MSPA Listening Post, to help enhance communications between MSPA member companies and MSPA Gold-Certified and Silver Certified Shoppers. The site, built on a highly-regarded social networking platform, enables Certified Shoppers and MSPA members to communicate on virtually any issue of interest to the parties. Shoppers and MSPA Member company representatives can post their photos, share comments and ideas, seek answers to questions, and otherwise engage in interchange one would expect to find in a social networking site.

MSPA Executive Director John Swinburn said of the new MSPA Listening Post, "An easy-to-use, open, and inviting communication tool between mystery shoppers and mystery shopping companies has eluded us until now. The MSPA Listening Post will, I believe, help address that matter. While we are responding to shoppers' requests for such a tool, I have to give credit for its creation to Arcadio Roselli of Service Evaluation Concepts for making it happen. He has long been a proponent of engaging mystery shoppers more completely in conversations about the industry and he created this new tool to make it happen."

MSPA-Certified Shoppers and MSPA Member companies already have been sent information about how to join the Listening Post. MSPA-Certified Shoppers who may not have received the notice for some reason may request an invitation by sending their email address (the one used for MSPA Certification) and their MSPA Certification number to: [email protected]. Please be patient in waiting for a reply, as we received literally hundreds of email messages each day.

About the MSPA

With more than 275 member companies worldwide, the MSPA has a diverse membership, including marketing research and merchandising companies, private investigation firms, training organizations and companies that specialize in providing mystery shopping services. Its goals are to establish professional standards and ethics for the industry, educate providers, clients and shoppers to improve quality of service, improve the image of the industry and promote the membership to other industry associations and prospective clients.