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In 2002, the MSPA debuted our first ever Gold Certification Workshop. The certification program was very successful and proved to be in high demand from both shoppers and Mystery Shopping companies alike. In 2003, we took the in-person workshop nationwide with an aggressive schedule of visiting 23 cities across the US. In early 2008, we launched the Gold DVD program and cut back on the in-person workshops.

Gold Certification tells MSPA member companies who want to engage you that you have been trained in the essentials of mystery shopping and you have agreed to uphold professional standards and ethics. You can obtain Gold Certification by purchasing a Gold DVD and taking a series of online tests or by completing one of our in-person workshops (these are held only rarely, though). Gold Certification demonstrates you've taken the time and made the effort to study and become an expert mystery shopper. To read what MSPA Member company representatives say about MSPA Gold Certification, click here

The content of both the live workshops and the Gold DVD is exactly the same. The Gold DVD costs $75; there will be a $5 charge for shipping and handling for the Gold DVD on top of the base price and, where required, we will collect state sales taxes. The Gold Certification Workshop costs $125 due to the additional costs of an instructor, travel, hotel room and AV rental, etc.

You will experience many opportunities to learn, share and develop your business during your experience with the Gold Certification process. Live workshops give shoppers the opportunity to interact with other shoppers and some company personnel, while Gold DVD expose the viewer to video-shop experiences and give the shopper a chance to review the material presented.

Cancellation POLICY: Any cancellations received fewer than 72 hours before a live workshop starts will receive a refund, less a $25 processing fee.

Late Arrival POLICY: If you arrive at the workshop an hour or more after the scheduled start time you will be considered late and will not be allowed to participate in the workshop, therefore you will be not be allowed to sit for the Gold Certification Exam in order to become Gold Certified.

ATTENTION NEVADA SHOPPERS! - Current Nevada law states that you MUST be an employee of a Private Investigator if you are going to perform shops in Nevada. It is illegal for you to perform mystery shops as an independent contractor. Mystery Shopping Companies and Shoppers caught shopping illegally face fines of $2500 per instance and more. While we still encourage you to educate yourself by completing the MSPA certifications, we want to make sure you are operating legally, as well. Current MSPA members that are licensed to shop in Nevada are:

Bestmark, Inc -
QSI Global Investigations - - Chuck Kenerson
HS Brands/Service Sleuths - - Tom Mills
Dynamic Advantage, Inc. - - Stefan Doomanis
A Closer Look - http://www.a-closer-look - Chuck Paul

We encourage you to contact these companies and let them know about your certification status!

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