Silver Certification

Welcome to the Mystery Shopping Provider's Association (MSPA) Online Silver Certification Course. The course was designed for shoppers who want to improve their skills as professional mystery shoppers. The MSPA has long been a source of valuable information for mystery shopping companies, but over the past two years it has also widely become a great resource for mystery shoppers through certification courses.

In 2002, MSPA added the Shopper Services Committee. The committee was created to be the liaison between the shoppers and the MSPA members, and represent the interests of each group in furthering a professional relationship. The MSPA recognizes that mystery shopping is and should be a profession, not a hobby. Hence, we believe that standardization, education and certification are necessary for such a profession to thrive and grow.

The Online Silver Certification Course has been in existence since 2003 and has certified over 50,000 shoppers since that time. The MSPA has responded to the comments and suggestions from many shoppers and shopping companies to make the course more extensive and educational, and in doing so have expanded it greatly. The MSPA is proud to offer our new and educationally improved 2016 Online Silver Certification course to every shopper seeking to be the best in their chosen field.

Please note: No refunds will be given once you have signed up and paid for the test. There is a fee to take the test.

ATTENTION NEVADA SHOPPERS! - Current Nevada law states that you MUST be an employee of a Private Investigator if you are going to perform shops in Nevada. It is illegal for you to perform mystery shops as an independent contractor. Mystery Shopping Companies and Shoppers caught shopping illegally face fines of $2500 per instance and more. While we still encourage you to educate yourself by completing the MSPA certifications, we want to make sure you are operating legally, as well. Current MSPA members that are licensed to shop in Nevada are:
Bestmark, Inc -
The Benchmark Collaborative -
QSI Global Investigations - - Chuck Kenerson
Service Sleuths - - Tom Mills

We encourage you to contact these companies and let them know about your certification status!